The Ships of Canada’s Marine Services


This is an illustrated record of the historical and hard-working ships that have shaped our history and our maritime heritage, current to the year 2001. The ships included belong to the Canadian Coast Guard and its predecessors, to the Customs Preventive Service, patrol vessels of the RCMP, and the civilian-crewed vessels of the Canadian Naval Auxiliary Service. These ships are hydrographic survey vessels, icebreakers, fisheries patrol boats, search and rescue craft both station-based and offshore, lighthouse supply vessels and buoytenders, lightships, tugs, and northern exploration ships.

Work histories, specifications and photographs (some quite rare) or paintings of each ship are given. A wonderful illustrated reference book for ship enthusiasts of all ages, for researchers and ship modellers.

Vanwell Publishing Ltd, Ontario Canada, 2001. 1st Edition. 10.3″X10.2″.  280pp.

This book is out of print, but you can see if any new or used copies are available through or by clicking on the links at right.

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